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about us

Nela came to us as a two month old puppy. I sought an active, lively puppy for dog sports and agility. If I claimed I chose this breed just for his agility, temperament and nature, I lied. I chose the sheltie for his beauty, gentleness and devil's eye. There are no conflicts in meeting with other dog owners no matter if they have chihuahua, dogo argentino or irish wolfhound. I look back with a smile on the first days of my coexistance with Nela' coexistence and the days when we bought our other dog.


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I divide my life into „before them“ and „with them“. The second part is much richer. Sheltie is a really unusual breed. I enthused over them with my heart and I try to give them the utmost part of my life because they give me everything…

…it was good choice.