BOHEMIA BAY Kennel - Beauty Bee Indyk (sheltie - šeltie - shetland sheepdog) and Mabel Černý trůn (dobrman - dobermann), photogallery, sports, puppies…


Nelabeauty bee indyk

Nelinka, our first sheltie and first dog anywise. She wasn't extra excelent on shows, for me is it the most beautiful dog - not only with her visage. I know, I can't find any second dog with her nature.

Sáramabel černý trůn

Sára, for me first big dog. She trained us what does it mean to own dobermann. I have had show ambitions again, I have had problems with ears again, she has them upright and we don't show because of ears again :)

Jessjess jolly gold z benešovské zahrady

Jess, second sheltie in our familly. He trained my patience to perfection - not every sheltie is as good as Nela :)   Great baby sitter for puppies, wonderful overman for every fun, which looks at us unfortunately from above.

Shared picturesshared pictures

On lot of pictures is Nela „laughing on Sara from ear to ear“. You can find here collective photos of Nela's plays with Jess or Sára and of course can you see here dogs of our friends or relatives.

Akimakim gold bohemia bay-beauty's offspring

First-borned puppy in our kennel. By and by could we watch and find out, Akim will be bigger than sheltie should be. Despite of this is he wonderful dog, whose would his owners never change.

Meggieaudrey gold bohemia bay-beauty's offspring

Small Meggie was reserved still bevore her birth. During her bi-monthly stay with Nela and us could we find out, we can't wish for better owners for her. Meggie is lovely dog, which have the best of both parents.

Our weddingour wedding

Yard of Průhonice castle, Saturday in August 23th and our wedding. What to add - it is waiting for everybody :)   And when meet two dog-lovers who understand one another, you can expect nothing else.


There, in the middle of nowhere, we bought a land with an outhouse, barn, hayloft and a big gaden. We still have plenty to do but this calmness and tranquility is worth the effort.