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Breed: sheltie
Breeder: Dagmar Semerádová
Born: 24. 07. 2002
† 15. 11. 2008
Father: Atrej z Josefovské pevnosti
Mother: Amalie Black z Alminy ohrady
Colour: dark-sable
Height: 39,5 cm
Shows: Excellent

Two years after Nela at the time when I lived in Prague, I got gold boy - primarily for shows and breeding. How naive I was when I thought, all shelties are carefree, restful, kind and not destructive. Of course, it was Jess, who set me right. During the first year he destroyed several chargers, two phones, PDA, Nela's almost new doss. Nibbled wooden stairs up to the bedroom, scratched lino and nibbled block foots, talk about a dog in the house. It is nonsensical to pay any mind to the rest of the ruined things - they are just trivial etceteras. Everything that he got in his teeth, was rendered non-functional.

Jess was never as stand-offish with strangers as Nela. Despite of his snuggling he was my canine protector, if we met somebody at night who he „suspected“, he always „defended“ me… :)

Jess never became a champion or even a successful show dog, but nobody takes away his primacy in pass ZVOP - the talent examination for sheepdogs. Jess was first sheltie and for a long time the only sheltie in the Czech Republic with this examination. Now he uses his talent with his new owners. Because of my health problem I had to throw over him - he lives with some kind family in east Bohemia, where he has all that I could never give him - freedom, a yard and small flock, which he can herd.

We was always the biggest favourites in the grounds - Nela because of her obedience and distance, Jess because of his dirty tricks and friendliness. These two crooks simply always looked like angels and nobody believed me about all they were able to do.