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Breed: sheltie
Breeder: Věra Molcarová
Born: 02. 09. 2000
† 19. 09. 2015
Father: Ch. Little Lord z Ďáblovy studánky
Mother: Free z Vesničky u hranic
Colour: tricoulor
Height: 35 cm
Shows: Excellent

In 2000 I came home with a small black puppy, which people from whole blocks fell in love with. Everyone who saw her fell in love with her. Even my father…my father, who a few hours befor my arrival with Nela claimed, that the dog should be in the garden, not in the house :)   Nela charmed us with her harmonious and loving nature, with her obedience and affection. She is distrustful of strangers and she chooses who she allows to scratch her small head. I‘ve noticed that in our case the saying „like owner, like dog“ has proved to be true - Nela is elegant and sweet too. Just her muzzle is a little longer than mine…

Somewhere there must be some small mistake, because Nela - despite the fact she is a sheepdog - she loves retrieving and sheep mean the same to her as physics do to me. She is a smaller sheepdog, better and untiring when she fetches. No matter what the weather or time of day she will fetch everything - balls, cones, sticks and whatever else.

After 4 years I lived to see 2 longed-for puppies from Nela and a sable Danish dog. Appearances are deceptive… these two sweet puppies, which fell in love with their new owners, are probably my biggest reward. I allow… they are a little bit like their father and lot of monkey tricks they learned from Jess…