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litter A

23. 04. 2004 was borned 2 dark-sable puppies (one male and one bitch) after Danisch Poulsgaards LOOKING FOR GOLD and our BEAUTY:

Akim Goldakim gold bohemia bay

owner Mrs. Vrabcová,
Bakov nad Jizerou
Akim - Nela's first-borned puppy. At the beginning he looked like absolute stoic, who can nobody scatter - even sister bites into his neck. By and by he got on monkey tricks great matters are and now he plays with small granddaughter of his owner.

Audrey Goldaudrey gold bohemia bay

owner Mr. & Mrs. Koutkovi,
Meggie was destructive from childhood. After she learnt to run, she was never in sight or in one place for long, but we could hear her all the time. Terrorising her brother, mom and everybody around was one of her best-loved activities. Now she is a placid and quiet dog - unless someone has a frisbee in their hand.